Art Year Program

Loving Art Making Art

An annual event that marks the opening of Tel Aviv-Yafo's gallery season. Over a period of three days 60 galleries, museums and exhibition spaces will open their doors to the public free-of-charge.  In addition, there will be street exhibits at different locations around the city where the country's leading artists will present their works. Alternative art spaces and artists' workshops will also take part in the event. This one weekend will conclude an entire year of intense activity and mark the start of a new one.
September 6-8, 2012

Testing Tools #9

'Testing Tools' - Artworks in Process festival, is a festival focused on promoting quality Israeli art, supporting independence and initiatives and developing dialogues between all kinds of art. The festival will provide performing artists a greenhouse for developing works still in progress, and help absorbing them in the different cultural institutions. In the field of plastic art, artworks dealing with the "process" as a theme will be presented: works reacting to different aspects of becoming, changing and developing through experiencing, exploring and developing critical and experiential perception.

August 7-9, 2012, "Beit Tami", including Shenkin garden

Tokyo Salutes Tel Aviv
To mark the 60 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel, Tokyo will host a unique cultural event that will blend music, food, art and design with special Tel Avivian flavors.
September - October 2012
"Boidem" (Attic) Festival: Artists Reveal their Earliest Works in Filmmaking, Photography, Playwriting, Plastic Arts, Video Art and Dance

The works that will be shown at the "Boidem" Festival were created when these well-known Israeli artists from different disciplines were just starting their careers, and they've now taken them out of their private attics. Through its inquisitive eyes, the "Boidem" Festival seeks to uncover the process through which art evolves as well as the important artists in contemporary Israeli culture, and by doing so inspire young artists who are trying to find their way today.
October 2012 at the Bikurei HaItim Center, 6 Heftman Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism
Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism is an international bi-annual event, dealing with planning and design of urban life culture.
During the Biennale, the city’s space becomes a laboratory for the creation of new, sustainable urban spaces, and the exploration of novel modes of urban living.
The collaboration between planners, artists, education and culture city representatives with Bat-Yam’s residents, strengthens the residents’ sense of responsibility towards their shared public spaces.
This urban action is due to take place for the third time in October 2012
and will focus on the city’s northern areas (with Tel Aviv-Jaffa border from north and the beach and promenade from south)
Tel-Aviv Pixel Hotel

Who hasn't fantasized about spending a few hours or an entire night in a lifeguard tower on the Tel Aviv-Yafo beach?  Next winter it will be possible to make this dream come true thanks to an art project named Pixel Hotel, in the course of which a lifeguard tower will be converted into a hotel room open during the winter months.
October 15, 2012, Bugrashov Beach, Tel Aviv-Yafo

"Zaz" Festival - International Festival for Performance

The festival is organized by the Shelter 209 Foundation in memory of Dan Zakhem (for the advancement of interdisciplinary Arts in Israel), managed by the well-known performance artist Tamar Raban. The performance art is based on live and direct actions of artists which enable immidiate responses, in different ways, to the reality in which they are in. Around 30 performance artists from Israel and abroad will participate in the festivel, an interesting diversity of artists coming from different cultures and who express and work in different ways of expressions. The broad spectrum of the various ways in which they work moves from small performances to continuing performances sometimes through the entire duration of the festival. In addition, there will be performances including interactions between the artist and the audiance, some will be showcases, and some will be multidisciplinary entailing simple conceptual actions, with the artist always phisycally present, moving and advancing the performance.

November 2012

An Open Gallery on Buildings Throughout the City

Open Areas Exhibition: Open Gallery on Buildings, Global City Administration and Baram Company initiative

Curator: Sagi Refael

Participants: Aviv Nave, Yiftach Baleski, Michal Kol-Ohana, Uri Gershoni, Adar Aviam, Gil Heller, Hinda Weiss, Tal Yerushalmi, Nelly Agasi, Ohad Matalon

The open area exhibition "Open Gallery on Buildings" is a first of its kind cooperation initiated by Baram Company in cooperation with Global City Administration of Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality, in marking of the Tel Aviv Art Year.
Nine public building fronts have been chosen to put up artworks of young Israeli artists, which have been magnified to monumental proportions. The artists chosen to participate are some of the prominent, original and important artists of their young generation in fields of art like painting, photography and video.

Baram Group, the initiator and producer of the project, is in charge of the printing, installing and maintaining the artoworks as part of their promotion of contemporary Israeli art.
The goal of the project is to bring the general public closer, including those who don't usually visit the different museums and galleries, to contemporary art by Israeli artists. In addition, since every piece was chosen for a specific building, it shines each one in a different light which brings out its presence in the public sphere.

Part of the slaes revenues will be donated to activities for young artists of Tel Aviv Jaffa.
During the exposure of the buildings' images, an exhibition of the original artworks will open in Ferrate Gallery

Tuesday, 20.3.12

Art Space & Galleries


The project uncovers the galleries, the alternative art spaces and the communities of artists in the city, and articulates the unique work that is being done and the place it assumes on the Tel Aviv-Yafo art map. The revamped "Amiad" gallery, which is repositioning itself on the local art map as an important cultural hub in Yafo, will be dedicated during this period.
Community Activities in Tel Aviv-Yafo Neighborhoods

Recognizing the value of the community and its involvement in Art Year, art and community projects will be instituted in neighborhoods and at community centers throughout the city: Sheinkin –"Street Heroes"; Neve Eliezer – "One Act a Month"; Neve Tzedek – "Only Yesterday" and others.

Art Tours

Art tours focusing on different topics will enable the public at large to become better acquainted with the scores of art initiatives taking place in the city. Operated by the Association for Tourism Tel Aviv-Yafo, the tours will include art galleries, museums and different sites in the city.

Culture Capitals Salute Tel Aviv-Yafo

Representatives from various European culture capitals will convene in Tel Aviv-Yafo for a weekend that will afford them first-hand acquaintance with the art and culture scene in the city. The guests will be exposed to the events of Art Weekend and to the unique projects instituted during Art Year.  They will also take part in a special tour of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and visit different museums located in Greater Tel-Aviv.

A unique and stimulating experience held in a private home - gallery in Neve Tzedek.
The house contains a collection of rich and varied museum pieces such as paintings, objects d'art, furniture, posters, books and much more from the end of the 19th and beginning of  the 20th , in a style known as Art Nouveau.
Tel: 03 5170490
The Reopening of the Cinematheque

The familiar Cinematheque building, with its two film screening halls, viewing rooms and extensive film archive, receives a special boost from the cutting-edge and spacious new wing that includes three movie theaters and a restaurant.
January 16, 2012

The Reopening of the Habima National Theater

This impressive building, which stands out in the beating heart of the city, is returning to full-scale activity in a show of splendor and grandeur. Israel's National Theater will open its gates to the sound of trumpets after undergoing painstaking and extensive renovations (the cornerstone of the original building was laid in 1935) and receiving a facelift that began in 2007, designed by the architect Prof. Ram Carmi. Parallel to the works carried out at the Theater, Orchestra Square was also added to the complex, planned by the sculptor and designer, Dani Karavan, who also spearheaded the renovation of the entire area.
January 24, 2012

Tel Aviv Accessible Art Fair, Old Jaffa Antiquities Museum

An international art fair that showcases the works of some 50 local artists, dealing with a variety of themes and featuring a diversity of styles and sizes.  The works will be sold at different prices, enabling visitors to buy original works of contemporary art in an informal setting.
February 12-16, 2012

10 Mifratz Shlomo St., Old Jaffa
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
Open to the Public
Who's Available?" An Event for Taxi Drivers, Tel Aviv Museum of Art"

You'll soon be able to receive tips and recommendations about art in the city from taxi drivers.
taxi drivers who work in the city will be invited to come and get acquainted with the new building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Walking a Tightrope – an exhibition of works by the artist Shoshi Hayat -
The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the launch of "Remember My Love" - a book of poetry written by the artist.
March 1st, 2012
Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 19:30,
Beit Ariela Cultural Center,25 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard
Entrance free of charge;advance registration required.
Tel. 03-691-0141 (extensions 208, 209, 222)
Women and Business Conference

Women and Business Conference - In conjunction with The Marker magazine.

Monday,March 5,2012,
Hangar 11,Tel-Aviv Port.
To pay for registration: Tel. 03-513-3650 
"She Has Many Faces" – an exhibition of works by the artist Ilana Raviv, early and late mythologies
The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a female jazz quartet,
Curator: Hava Lieber.
March 7st, 2012
Wednesday March 7,2012 at 19:00,
Beit Ariela Cultural Center,25 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, 
Entrance free of charge; advance registration required.
Tel. 03-691-0141 (extensions 208, 209, 222)
"Natural Straightening"
Every Thursday between 16:00-18:00 "Opher Idan" Hairdressing Salon will host Roey Heifetz for an artistic action as part of the "One action per month" project.
"One action a month" is a cooperation between Neve Eliezer community center and Kav 16 gallery - community Gallery for contemporary art.
16.2.12-22.3.12, 3 Tzara st., Neve Eliezer, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Photography Exhibition by Hagai Ben-Yehuda, Raanana City Hall Lobby

"Hagai Ben Yehuda perpetuates in his camera the "architecture language" of the modern building here in Israel. In a series of his photographs Israeli characteristics can be noticed: clean lines, geometric shapes, rhythm and repetition of elements, natural and artificial lighting games; all which make his work into geometric-abstract artwork, creations which are characterized by magical esthetic connections reminiscing of kaleidoscope mirrors".

In the exhibitions 13 images of buildings in Tel Aviv are presented.
Curator: Orna Phichman

The exhibition opens on March 15, attended by Raanana mayor Mr. Nahum Hofri and will be open until May 22.
Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 8:00-16:00, Tuesdays until 18:00.

Raanana City Hall, 103 Ahuza Street, Raanana

'No Wonder' - Exhibition at Jaffa Port

No Wonder - Jaffa Port

Curators: Karni Barzilay & Sharon Newfeld

The exhibition No Wonder opens on the opening night of Tel Aviv Art Weekend events and designates a celebration. We have chosen to integrate festive elements in this exhibition. However, those elements bear symbolic and imaginary connotations on one hand yet have a design, urban affinity on the other. We found that all these parameters coexist in Lewis Carroll's iconic story "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", which inspired the title of the exhibition, but with a twist. This concept constitutes an inexhaustible source of ideas, from which we advised the participating artists to develop their own. Those motifs include fairy tail; role play; stereotypes; symbols; time; fantasy; hallucinations; adventure; journey in time; maturity, to name a few. All participants are young artists and the purpose behind this gathering is to present an intuitive, ideological variety that emerged during the curatorial process and the simultaneous engagement of the artists with the exhibition space.

Opening: 21.3.2012 18:00

Participating artists:
Nitzan Mintz
Hila Amram
Nir Segal
Miri Chais
Tamar Roded
Yaron Steinberg
Rona Stern
Uri Shapira

ARTFI – The Fine Art & Finance Conference, Habima National Theater

The conference will focus on the financial aspects of art, which in recent years has become an alternative and popular investment option.  ARTFI invites the public to experience the passion of collecting art, become acquainted with the latest financial tools available for investing in art, and gain knowledge before starting to engage in this special field.
March 21, 2012,  9:00-18:00

Stories about Yesterdays
"Stories of Yesterdays" – textual and visual documentation of longtime women residents of Neve Tzedek. Conducted as part of Tel Aviv Art Year. The exhibition will mark the conclusion of Women's Month.
Opens Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 19:30,
Neve Tzedek Community Center, 9 Neve Shalom Street,
Entrance free of charge, Tel. 03-516-0389
Nonstop Museum

For the first time ever, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art will be open 24 hours straight!
What does curating entail? How are exhibitions set up? What were the stages in the work of a number of famous artists? What's the connection between plastic arts and dance, theater and music? These are some of the questions that will be raised during the Museum Marathon event.  There will also be various activities, workshops, guided tours, panels and exhibits, in which artists engaged in different disciplines of art will take part.

March 22-23, 2012, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

To Download the Full Program Click Here

Gaga at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
A dance style that is getting the world on its feet. 
Gaga lessons will be given during Art Weekend at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in cooperation with the Batsheva Dance Company.

for more details
Invisible Rituals exhibition & Eco-Art through Rituals event

22.3 Thursday -  20.00 - Shai Zakai - opening of photography solo exhibition - 'Invisible Rituals'
23.3  Friday - 10.00- 13.00 Special event- The Power of Eco-Art Through Rituals - 

Eco-artists- Marko Pogaznik- Slovenia, Shai Zakai- Israel- Including
Unseen Rituals- photographs, a guided tour at the exhibition with artist Shai Zakai
Natural entities at Marko Pogaznik artworks, gallery talk
Workshop- Imagining urban nature!  

admission 50 shekels.

For early registration -
In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the department for Culture and Science Relations.
Art Year – The Opening Event! March 24th

A multidisciplinary, one-of-a-kind encounter between musical performances, digital art, screenings of video art and animation, displays, and interactive installations, showcased at 15 different hubs of activity at the city's art complex – 

Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, the Performing Arts Center Concourse, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Concourse, and Dubnov Garden
* The Tel Aviv Museum of Art will be open free of charge
Come to see, experience and be part of it!
Saturday evening, March 24th, 19:00-23:00, Open to the General Public.
International Women's Month

March 8 marks the International Women's Day in the world and in Israel and is dedicated to discourses of women's achievements in economics, politics and society. Women's Day history began on March 8, 1857, the day in which hundreds of textile factory women workers decided they have had enough of the low wage and working conditions, and went on strike. Although the demonstration was dismantled by police forces, the impression those brave women left was so strong and surprising, that the date was institutionalized and marked ever since around the world.


Tel Aviv Jaffa is also marking International Women's Month with a variety of organized events, happening all through the month of March (1-26.3.12)

What is the 'MAZEH' Art Project? Fresh Art @ 9 Mazeh: The Tel- Aviv-Jafo Municipality Hub for Young-Adults

MAZEH Art Project takes its name from the street where it's located which in Hebrew sounds like: "what is this"? A question which resonates in all actions created during this project.  

MAZEH is art work that focuses on the process rather than the end result, thus it will change functions and wear different faces while constantly providing a space to think, act and create; a meeting point for events, lectures and activities that provide inspiration and serve as tools for expression for the benefit of the young creative community in which the MAZEH lives.
MAZEH Bayit?, 1-21.3.2012, 9 MAZEH:
The project "Mazeh Bayit"? (what is a house?) opening March 1st will mark MAZEH's inauguration. For three weeks the artists will be living in the space and transforming it into their home. While living at MAZEH artists will have the opportunity to learn the space, establish with it a long term intimate relationship,  invite colleagues, converse with people from the art and culture scene, think together about MAZEH, the future, the place, of home. During this month the artists will create series of Sculptures and Performances which will be presented in the closing weekend.  
The project is managed by Ira Shalit and Ruth Patir, two young artists, BFA graduates of the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design.
A-Void: Twin Cities
Yehuda Hayamit St. welcomes an art event among spaces and walls
This is the third event of the "On the Fence" series. The art will be displayed on the walls of houses on the street and will include paintings, photography, video art, texts, and performance-art. Anyone can contribute with music, sound and dance, all culminating into a street party.
A-Void: Twin Cities is an invitation to create clean communication, free and dismantled of branding and sponsors in an urban space exempt from authority and permits.
A street party free of hostile takeovers, winners, and losers. 
An art event beckoning people to participate and actively heal the communal space and texture in which we dwell.
What will not be in the event: there will be no fireworks, soaring stages, and billboards defining art. No curators, sponsors, prizes, and financial incentives. There will be a belly dancer.  Because, cities rise from a void.  
The event is self-funded by the participating artists.
Donations, gifts and other forms of appreciation are welcomed.  
painting: Maya Gelfman.
 | 24.3.12 | 16:00-21:00 | Yehuda Hayamit St | Jaffa
FURO – a dance installation By Ohad Naharin and Tabaimo

Batsheva Dance Company present: FURO – a dance installation By Ohad Naharin and Tabaim

Two Sumo wrestlers evaporate, dancers moving sensually, a man taking off his skin - again and again, dancers mourn their dead friend, an elderly woman bleeding…
'Furo' – a dialogue between animation and flesh 
 A Dance Installation combining animation and dance. You can enter and exit any time. 4.5 hours per-day in 3 sessions.
Four in Color - an art exhibition
four women artists have been creating together for several years at the studio of the painter Bruria Hessner.
The exhibition opens on March 18,2012.
Enav Center,71 Ibn Gevirol Street (on the roof of Gan HaIr), 
Entrance free of charge, Tel. 03-521-7763
"2012: The End of the World" - Exhibition

Rumors say that in 21.12.12 the world would end!
Is Armaggedon really coming?

In the last decade palnet earth has been through numores life altering events - Tzunamis, social revolutions, the "Arab Spring" and more. There is an amazing collection of scenarios, preminitions, stories and many symbols refering to this date as a symbole of the world coming to an end. Will the world change? Will the world (or at least large part of its population) in some way come to an end? It is believed that this event will be very big and many think that this vision will become reality.

In this exhibition, about 30-40 artists will present art works in different medias relating to the meaning of the date. During the exhibition a relavent discussion of opinion leaders will take place.

Curator: Galit Samel

The exhibition will be open on Friday and Saturday, March 23-24, 30-31 and April 14
Opening hours: Fridays 10:00 - 14:00, Saturdays 11:00 - 16:00

A panel of speakers with different approaches will be conducted in regards to the social protest, art, mistiques and science on March 31, between 12:00 - 14:00

Women in Public Space

These days, in marking International Women's Month, the creators of 'Southern Tel Aviv Tours' project, are working to mark the contributions of the women who build the public space in the city, with recognition that these works are not taken for granted.

"Women in Public Space" is a project dedicated for the work of women in the public space of Tel Aviv, and will shaped in the form of tours, workshops, meetings and more.

The project will be launched by four tours in mark of the International Women's Day in March, with the cooperation of Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality:

"Woman in the Center", March 9 - 11:00
"Heroes of the Bible in Sin City", March 16 - 11:00
"Yaffo Bride of the Sea", March 23 - 11:00
"No Jane Doe", March 30 - 11:00

Art Education, Museum Wall

28 prints of works by painters and sculptors will be produced as part of the project. They will be distributed to educational and cultural institutions and to senior citizen centers in the city.

Tel Aviv Gillete Marathon - March 30

The international sport event will include this year dozens of centers along the running track, in mark of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Art Year

Human Reflections" - an exhibition in the "Museum-like Windows" at the Ramat Aviv Mall"

In her bronze sculptures, Yolanda Antal, represents the female character, without historical barriers. The women appear as represented in the Bible, literature, history, and world mythology. What is the everlasting secret of the female charm and power?

The photographer Yoel Harel presents his art using the magic of technology, instead of the brush, the canvas and the chisel. His art emerges from the depth of the Holocaust to resurrection and optimism.
The near and far surroundings declare – "here is the bud that will blossom into art". The camera captures the image and the artist is the messenger who brings it to the viewer.
The exhibition will last till the 31/3/2012. 
40 Einstein street
The International Flower Show in Haifa

The city of Haifa invites you to visit in one of its prominent events of the year 2012 and become part of a once of a lifetime and breathtaking experience!

In the show, you will be able to visit 13 different worlds which will be presented along the magical Hecht Park and will be designed by 16 well-known international artists in the field of flower arrangements.
In this unique show, more than 120,000 flowers will be presented from the rare creations of nature, flower and plants engineering, wild flowers, greenhouse flowers, miniature trees, flower sculptors, flower rugs, flower markets, workshops and more.

April 7-14, 2012

"Ash Lyla" - A Visual Arts Project in Old Jaffa

With some help from games we played as youngsters, the works in this exhibit present the contemporary virtual world of computer games, role playing, and fantasies found in accessible alternative worlds.  One of the experiences enjoyed by those who visit the exhibit will be to wander around the alleyways of the Old City and on the way come across the artists' works – achieved through a type of game that leads to a discovery and new adventure.
April 9-11, 2012

Museums Forum 2012

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a metropolitan area that serves as Israel's financial, cultural, media and commercial center.

An initiative was undertaken in Art Year aimed at further anchoring Greater Tel Aviv's standing as a cultural metropolitan area.  A group of curators and directors from art museums throughout the Tel Aviv-Yafo area were invited to a meeting in June 2011, where they received information about Art Year and discussed the idea of creating a forum of museums in honor of it.
The proposed collaborations were embraced by the members of the forum, who agreed that Art Year would facilitate the examination and formation of inter-museum synergy designed to promote Israeli art locally and in the global arena.  They are scheduled to meet again at a conference held at the beginning of Art Year, where they will explore the potential as well as the process needed in order to forge effective collaborations between museums in terms of marketing, content, and tours.  The challenge of examining new, collaborative ways of thinking will ultimately produce benefits that can be shared by all – directors, curators, and visitors alike.
April 30, 2012, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
IKT Conference

A 'convoy' of some of the most prominent curators in the world is expected to land in Israel and visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as well as other museums located in Greater Tel-Aviv. During their stay the curators will become acquainted with the local art scene.
April 27, 2012 – May 2, 2012

Jane's Walk - May 3-5

Jane’s Walks were held for the first time in Israel in May 2011, in Tel Aviv. The city has thus joined dozens of other cities all over the globe, in commemorating Jane Jacobs - one of the most original and influential figures in contemporary urban thought. Jane’s Walks were first held in Toronto during a single weekend at the beginning of May 2006, to mark the birthday of Jacobs, which falls on the 4th of that month. Since then, every year has seen additional cities joining the events, while preserving the basic tenant behind Jane’s Walks: guided walks that tell the unwritten and often untold stories of a city.

Opening event:
Thursday, May 3, 8pm
9 Mazeh Street, Tel Aviv
"DocAviv" Festival, Tel Aviv Cinematheque

This year the annual film festival held at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque will cast a spotlight on art.  More than 80 documentary films will be screened during the ten days of the festival, most of which will be shown for the first time in the country.
May 3-12, 2012

The Annual Education Conference Pays Tribute to Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

This year's theme will be Art Education, and educators and researchers who work in this field will be in attendance.  The conference aims to enrich the existing discourse pertaining to art education.
May 10, 2012

Open Day at Museums Throughout Israel

During Art Year special activities will be instituted at the museums in Greater Tel-Aviv.  Right before International Museum Day, the Association of Museums, ICON-Israel, and museums which are members of the association will be inviting the public to visit museums around the country, free-of-charge.
May 10, 2012

Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair

This contemporary art fair draws tens of thousands of visitors every year, providing a wonderful opportunity to keep abreast of what's happening in the local art scene. The leading contemporary art galleries and dozens of independent artists take part in Fresh Paint.
 Fresh Paint Art Fair # 5 will take place on May 15-19, 2012 at the campus of the newly built high school in Kiryat Hachinuch in North-West Tel Aviv, near the College of Management and Levinsky College.


Houses From Within


Roughly 100 homes that have special architectural value are open for two days during a single weekend, offering dozens of tours and discussions about architecture, ecology, preservation, and the public space.  The event is open to the public free-of-charge, and this year will highlight art in the public and private space.  Among others, there will be displays dealing with domesticity, art exhibits in homes, museum and gallery tours that will talk about museum architecture, and tours dealing with art in the public space.  Moreover, homes where some of the most important and influential Israeli artists lived will also be open to visitors.
May 18-19, 2012
"Talooy Bamakom" Festival - Site Specific Theater Festival


The "Talooy Bamakom" festival serves as a platform for site specific works that transpire throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo.  This festival is unique in Israel and takes place in private and confined spaces such as an apartment, a bank, and industrial hangars, in addition to the city's streets. 
The audience is invited to stroll around the various sites and undergo a one-time experience of intimacy with the world of art.  Many plays written in Hebrew will be translated this year and have subtitles in English and French.
May 17-19, 2012
Saluting Artists

Students from the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio will pay tribute to and commemorate artists who lived and worked in the city.

Gay Pride Week With a Focus on Art
Art-related activities will pay tribute to Gay Pride Week and highlight various topics that are on the gay community's agenda.
The peak event will be on June 8th during the Gay Pride Parade, when a grand procession from the huge crowd paints the streets of the city in a rainbow of colors.
June 1-8, 2012

International Student Film Festival

Today, this festival is rated as one of the three most important festivals of its kind. 150 documentaries, animation, fiction and experimental films from 60 different countries and 80 film schools.

June 2-9, 2012 - Tel Aviv Cinematheque

Paris Pays Tribute to Tel-Aviv Art

A 'convoy' of artists, authors, musicians, dancers and actors from Tel Aviv-Yafo will travel to Paris between April and June in order to participate in a variety of art events called "100 Percent Tel-Aviv".  Among others, Rue des Lombards, the hub of Parisian jazz clubs, will turn into Tel-Aviv Jazz Street, one of the museums will host well-known video artists from the city, and the Paris Cinematheque will hold a salute to Uri Zohar.  Additional events will be held in the city of Toulouse which is marking the 50th anniversary of its twin city alliance with Tel-Aviv.

White Night Art

Ever since UNESCO proclaimed Tel Aviv-Yafo's White City – a unique urban and historical fabric – a World Heritage Site in 2003, this proclamation has been translated into large-scale celebrations during which thousands of people roam the city's streets and stop by cultural institutions – all night long!
This year White Night will pay tribute to Art Year.
 June 28, 2012