Art Year in Tel Aviv-Yafo

On the occasion of inaugurating the new buildings at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Habima National Theater and Tel Aviv Cinematheque, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, in cooperation with the Museum, has declared this year as Art Year. The goal is to heighten public awareness, in Israel and abroad, of the cultural and artistic endeavors taking place in the city. During Art Year all the cultural institutions in Tel Aviv-Yafo will join together and be involved in creating multidisciplinary events, festivals and fairs that feature dance, music, theater, cinema, and plastic arts.

Art Year began with the dedication of the new Herta and Paul Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – which was designed by the architect Preston Scott Cohen. It opened with a comprehensive exhibition of works by the esteemed German artist, Anselm Kiefer. Throughout the month of November 2011 Tel Aviv-Yafo residents were able to visit the museum free-of-charge, a gift bestowed by the Municipality in honor of Art Year.

Art Year will officially be launched during Tel Aviv Art Weekend on March 21-24, 2012, and during those four days the focus of attention will be on diverse disciplines of art and culture. There will be a 24-hour marathon at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, unique projects will take place in the community, and what is happening at the city's galleries and alternative spaces will be spotlighted as well. Furthermore, the work created by young artists will be brought to the fore at special events held at cafes and restaurants. Art tours of major sites in the city will also be offered to the general public and to tourists.

Art events which have become a tradition in the city, such as Loving Art Making Art, White Night, Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, and international conferences, will all pay tribute to Art Year in 2012.
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Best regards,

Hila Oren
Director General
Global City Administration


Tel Aviv-Yafo has the potential to become one of the world's culture cities, which are cities that serve as centers where innovative and meaningful work is produced. Art Year offers yet another opportunity to become familiar with and pay tribute to the artists working in the city, where culture is vibrant and never stops. Art Year has been divided into a number of clusters of events, enabling local and international visitors to enjoy a wide and diverse range of activities.

I view Art Year as an opportunity to further promote Tel Aviv-Yafo's art around the world. This can be achieved through global exposure, by linking local art to international projects, where a stage is given to the diversity and quality of the art existing in the city, by connecting professionals from different disciplines of art with the city's cultural scene, and by exposing its creators in the various media in Israel and abroad.

To encourage such an undertaking, the artists working in the city must first be involved in the projects and exhibits taking place in Tel Aviv-Yafo. During Art Year, considerable emphasis has in fact been placed on respectful and widespread involvement of artists in the events, which are in addition to the first-rate cultural diversity normally existing in the city.

We intend to forge collaborations and expose Israeli art in different cities around the world, including Tokyo, Paris, Miami, New York, and Austin, Texas, as well as disseminate information and articles about Tel Aviv-Yafo art to the international press.

The concentration of information posted on the municipal website will serve as a source of information and documentation both for local residents and tourists, and will leave behind a legacy to the city once the year is over.

I wish to thank all the artists who are taking part in Art Year. You enrich our lives with original creations that make Tel Aviv-Yafo an exciting hub of culture.

Adi Yekutieli
Art Year Director